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Zhen Jiang, Boyang Sun, Yueqi Wang, Heqi Gao, He Ren, Hao Zhang, Tong Lu, Xiangkui Ren, Wei Wei, Xiaoli Wang, Lei Zhang, Jiao Li, Dan Ding, Jonanthan F. Lovell, Yumiao Zhang*

Surfanctant-stripped Micelles with Aggregation-induced Enhanced Emission for Bimodal Gut Imaging in vivo and Microbita Tagging ex vivo

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2021, DOI:10.1002/adhm.202100356



Gengqi Liu, Zhen Jiang, Jonathan F. Lovell,  Lei Zhang, Yumiao Zhang*

Design of a Thiol-Responsive, Traceless Prodrug with Rapid Self-Immolation for Cancer Chemotherapy (pdf) (SI)

 ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2021, 4, 6, 4982-4989. DOI: 10.1021/acsabm.1c00247



Xingyue Yang, He Ren, Hong Zhang, Gengqi Liu, Zhen Jiang, Qian Qiu, Cui Yu, Niren Murthy, Kun Zhao*, Jonathan F Lovell*, Yumiao Zhang*

Antibiotic-Crosslinked Micelles with Reduced Toxicity for Multidrug Resistant Bacterial Sepsis Treatment (pdf)

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 8, 9630-9642.






Gengqi Liu, Jonathan F. Lovell, Lei Zhang*, Yumiao Zhang*

Stimulus-Responsive Nanomedicines for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment (pdf

International Journal of Molecular Science, 2020, 21 (17), 6380



Maomao He, Jie Li, Hesong Han, Clarissa Araujo Borges, Gabriel Neiman, Joachim Justad Røise, Piotr Hadaczek, Rima Mendonsa, Victoria R. Holm, Ross C. Wilson, Krystof Bankiewicz, Yumiao Zhang, Corinne M. Sadlowski, Kevin Healy, Lee W. Riley  and  Niren Murthy*

A traceless linker for aliphatic amines that rapidly and quantitatively fragments after reduction (pdf)

Chemical Science, 2020, 11, 8973-8980. 



Boyang Sun, Huang Jing, Moustafa T. Mabrouk, Yumiao Zhang, Honglin Jin*, Jonathan F. Lovell*

A surfactant-stripped cabazitaxel micelle formulation optimized with accelerated storage stability (pdf)

Pharmaceutical Development and Technology. 2020, 25 (10) 1281-1288.



Xingyue Yang, Jonathan F. Lovell, Niren Murthy, Yumiao Zhang*

Organic Fluorescent Probes for Diagnostics and Bio-Imaging

Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (book chapter)








B. Sun, U. Chitgupi, C. Li, J. Federizon, C. Zhang, D. Ruszaj, A. Razi, J. Ortega, S. Neelamegham, Y. Zhang, J. Lovell*. 

Surfactant-stripped cabazitaxel micelles stabilized by clotrimazole or mifepristone (pdf)

Advanced Therapeutics, 2019, 1900161.



J. Yang, C. Wen, C. Pan, H. Guo, W. Zhao, J. Zhang, Y. Zhu, Y. Zhang*, L. Zhang*

Nanoliposomal multi-drug delivery system with reduced toxicity and multi-drug resistance (pdf)

Journal of Materials Science, 2019, 54, 9718-9728.



J. Song, Y. Zhu, J. Zhang, J. Yang, Y. Du, W. Zheng, C. Wen, Y. Zhang, L. Zhang*.         

Encapsulation of AgNPs within zwitterionic hydrogel for highly efficient and antifouling catalysis in biological environments (pdf)

Langmuir. 2019, 35, 1563-1570



D. Moukheiber, U. Chitgupi, K. Carter, D. Luo,B. Sun, S. Goel, C. Ferreira, J. Engle, D. Wang, J. Geng, Y. Zhang, J. Xia, W. Cai, J. F. Lovell*. 

Surfactant-Stripped Pheophytin Micelles for Multimodal Tumor Imaging and Photodynamic Therapy (pdf)

ACS Applied Bio Materials. 2019, 2, 544-554




X. Yang (PhD student, Class of 2018), J. F. Lovell*, Y. Zhang*.

Ingestible contrast agents for gastrointestinal imaging (pdf)

ChemBioChem. 2018, 2, 462-473 



Y. Zhang, J. Roise, K. Lee, J. Li, N. Murthy*. 

Recent developments in intracellular protein delivery (pdf)

Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 2018, 52, 25-31



J. Zhang, S. Yang, F. Gonzalez, J. Yang, Y. Zhang, M. He, N. Shastri, N. Murthy*. 

 A peptide-based fluorescent probe images ERAAP activity in cells and in high throughput assay (pdf)

 Chemical Communications2018 ,54, 7215-7218 





Y. Zhang, H. Hong, B. Sun, K. Carter, Y. Qin, W. Wei, D. Wang, M. Jeon, J. Geng, R. J. Nickles, G. Chen, P. N. Prasad, C. Kim, J. Xia, W. Cai, J. Lovell*.

Surfactant-stripped Naphthalocyanines for Multimodal Tumor Theranostics with Upconversion Guidance Cream (pdf)

Nanoscale. 2017, 9, 3391-3398





Y. Zhang, J. F. Lovell*. 

Recent Applications of Phthalocyanines and Naphthalocyanines for Imaging and Therapy (pdf)

WIREs: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology. 2016,9, e1420



J. Kim, S. Park, Y. Jung, S. Chang, J. Park, Y. Zhang, J. F. Lovell, C. Kim*.

Programmable Real-time Clinical Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging System (pdf)

Scientific Report6 (2016) 35137.



Y. Zhang, D. Wang, S. Geol, B. Sun, U. Chitgupi, J. Geng, H. Sun, T. Barnhart, W. Cai, J. Xia, J. F. Lovell*.

Surfactant stripped Frozen Pheophytin Micelles for Multimodal Gut Imaging (pdf)

Advanced Materials28 (2016) 8524-8530.


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Y. Zhang#, W. Song#, J, Geng, H, Unsal, J. Federizon., D. Sukumaran, J. Rzayev, P. Alexandridis, J. F. Lovell*.

Therapeutic Surfactant-stripped Frozen Micelles (pdf)

Nature Communications. 2016, 7, 11649


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Y. Zhou, D. Wang, Y. Zhang, U. Chitgupi, J. Geng, Y. Wang, Y. Zhang, T. Cook, J. Xia, J. F. Lovell*.

 A Phosphorus Phthalocyanine Formulation with Absorbance of 1000 at 1000 nm for Deep Optical Imaging (pdf)

Theranostics. 2016, 6, 668-697



Y. Wang, D. Wang, Y. Zhang, J. Geng, J. F. Lovell, J. Xia*.

Slit enabled Linear-array Photoacoustic Tomography with Near Isotropic Spatial Resolution in Three Dimensions (pdf)

Optics Letter. 2016, 41, 127-130 





Y. Zhang, J. F. Lovell*.

Reversible Micro- and Nano-Phase Programming of Anthraquinone Thermochromism Using Blended Block Copolymers (pdf)

Langmuir. 2015, 31, 13488-13493



C. Lee, J. Kim, Y. Zhang, M. Jeon, C, Liu, L. Song, J. Lovell, C. Kim*.

Dual-color photoacoustic lymph node imaging using nanoformulated naphthalocyanines (pdf)

Biomaterials. 2015, 73, 142-148 



U. Chitgupi, Y. Zhang, C. Lo, W. Song, J. Geng, S. Shao, S. Neelamegham, J. F. Lovell*.

Sulfonated-polyethyleneimine for Photosensitizer Conjugation and Targeting (pdf)

Bioconjugate Chemistry. 2015, 26, 1633-1639





Y. Zhang, M. Jeon, L. Rich, H. Hong, J. Geng, Yin. Zhang, S. Shi, T. Barnhart, P. Alexandridis, J. Huizinga, M. Seshadri, W. Cai*, C. Kim*, J. F. Lovell*.

Non-invasive Multimodal Functional Imaging of the Intestine with Frozen Micellar Naphthalocyanines (pdf)(SI)(video1)(video2)

Nature Nanotechnology. 2014, 9, 631-639


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Y. Zhang, J. F. Lovell*.

Porphyrins as Theranostic Agents from Prehistoric to Modern Times (pdf)

Theranostics, 2012, 2, 905-916

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J. Chen#, Y. Zhang# (Co-first author), X. Lou*. (Postgraduate work in Singapore)

One-pot synthesis of uniform Fe3O4nanospheres with carbon matrix support for improved lithium storage capabilities (pdf)

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2011, 3, 3276-3279. 





J. Wang, Y. Zhang, H. Wu, L. Xiao, Z. Jiang*.(Undergraduate work at Tianjin University) 

 Fabrication and performances of solid superacid embedded chitosan hybrid membranes for direct methanol fuel cell (pdf)

Journal of Power Sources, 2010, 195, 2526-2533